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Translation Services

Sometimes documentation arrives in a native language of it’s origin. There are several reasons documents need to be translated.

  • Regulatory requirement is English when importing aircraft and/or aircraft products
  • Selling or leasing of aircraft

You may also find yourself dealing with a location where the local language is different then your own. Having a personal interpreter on site can help insure that your company interests are being addressed. A ‘general’ interpreter may not understand the unique terms used in this business. An interpreter provided by the other company, may not have your best interest in mind.

We have professional technical aviation representatives to meet your needs. Unlike normal translators, these people have a minimum of 30 years each in commercial aviation and are fluent in both English and their second language.

At this time we offer::
Spanish to English or English to Spanish, Contact::hiram@wdars.com

French to English or English to French, Contact: george@wdars.com

Arabic to English or English to Arabic, Contact: george@wdars.com