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WDARS Services

With over 140 yrs. of professional and diversified experience in scheduled, non-scheduled, passenger, cargo transport operations as well as transport aircraft repair facilities, we feel that we can assist you with your projects, like no-one else can.

We are here to serve your needs::

* Adding an aircraft to your fleet.
* Bridging your aircraft from one maintenance program to another.
* Writing a new maintenance or inspection program.
* Importing or exporting aircraft and/or aircraft products.

The staff of WDARS works as a Team blending the sum total of all our experience and problem solving skills to the benefit of our Clients. Our main concern is that of resolving our Clients needs in the shortest and least expensive manner we can, yet not overlooking the little things that will cost our clients embarrassing and costly downtime resulting in flight delays and cancellations

We are also dedicated to ensuring our clients that their aircraft/products are airworthy, meet all Regulatory Requirements, saving embarrassing problems with the FAA/JAA and their local CAA.

The Team at WDARS also has years of experience in digitizing the volumes of information that we deal with in this industry to make this information Rapidly Retrievable with the click of a mouse button. Be it Maintenance Control retrieving modification wiring diagrams, drawings maintenance manual procedures, records retrieving records of Airworthiness Directive or Service Bulletins compliance or Reliability analyzing the causes of aircraft and component failures. This we do, without selling you software, hardware or specialized training. .

Our goal is to meet our clients needs by performing our tasks effectively, safely and in compliance with all internal and external regulations, on schedule, and with complete professionalism.