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About Us

World Wide DAR Services is your solution to most every need you may have.

While many companies offer a large group of people with a combined experience of a hundred years, our top four people average over 30 years of experience each in daily operations and problem solving, in Maintenance, Quality Control and Operations.

Our staff has worked world wide, giving them the ability to deal with many of the unique situations that can arise, to include personal technical translating and interpretors to assist you with your business transactions.

We are capable of traveling, to most any location that may be require.

All of our projects can be monitored REAL TIME by our customer via secure internet access. All projects uploaded daily for this purpose. Your upper management can review project status daily from their office anywhere in the world.

Our sister company FYI Aviation, offers years of experience in digitizing aviation records, maintenance manuals, as well as offering live time documentation of heavy checks.